Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013


So the people worship  the Lord with his religious divided into the action of your daily practice is 3 (three) feeling about the following:

1. Prayer, I behavior  the basic worship;
2. Worship, it underlined the absence (conversation), the basic prayer;
3. Prayer’s the conception, the perpendicular sake worship and prayer.

Faith in the Lord is there:

a. The book is written the book's dry, feeling to the Psalm, “Taurot” Bible, the Gospels, the AI Qur'an Karim zero etc..

b. The book of the Bible explicit wet, shape meanings sake being our body.

3. Faith in the Apostle.

Faith in the apostle there feeling the faith of the Bible:

a. The dry, do the book-the book is written in compliance with the  Life, feeling the be told located inside the book.

b. The wet, it is the Apostle actually feeling, feeling the sake of the Lord of Life as deposited, the people, to maintain itself  the posture of the human feeling of convergence Life’s  the feeling of the people and, later there we open wide.

4. Faith of the angel.

Faith of the angel, must be true for the Life in the universe  was not itself, in which I participated in many feeling people living spirit is apparent that there is, to test the faith of all human, that are involved in the false the life of the spirit, is located inside Natural curiosity.

5. Faith in the End Times.

End of Faith Today Today's Party, Today's the end, it is apparent that the human Life is Universe this visit only just  drink lent clothing , should know what the obligations of life, Life Sunni, IT IS Life and Prohibition / restrictions to uphold Life is the perfect, this is during the peaceful Islam.

6. Faith in the “Qodlo-lan-Qodar”

Faith and the “Qodlo Qodar”, must learn that human life is written the inside of the rational, “Qodlo” is written inside the destiny of the Basic Life's Life is Universe, who can determine the fate of his life, will find glory, the “Qodar”  written during the Telling Life, exegesis of what is experienced during life, the shape of the action - the practice has done far from the Basic Life's appropriate, in fact, if you want it, it is always the first to give a label, so you Remember to be complied with destiny, if I do that during his fate.

Meaning confession, if be perceived compliance is required during the Life of the need to do be caused Allah, during the life of the world, if it ever opened  about ¬ feeling about the following:

a. For example, it is 100% (one hundred percent) responsibility from Allah;
b. Creed is only 95% of Life;
c. Prayer is only 5% (five percent) of Life;
d. Fasting  town located just a quarter of prayer;
e. Alms is only a third of Fasting  ;
f. Pilgrim is just a half of charity.

Below is straighten  say that fathers should not be prohibited, and that is the need of peaceful Islam in religious feeling be told the following:

a. “Syahadat” : the make beautiful of universe  like in Family, forbidden affair;

b. Prayer: have a healthy mind, uphold the noble ideas “sastro Jendro Hayuningrat”  to maintain good practice, prohibited drugs;

c. Fasting  town: authoritative note feel  Life, if the moment of death comes, do not bring anything, the absence of any request for the family's needs enough of the shape of the Family Life exhibit  tenure, prohibited drunk;

d. Charity: convinced of the power of God for ours grace and bounty  the odds of Persons, uphold the good name,  banned gambling;

e. Pilgrim: steady putting feelings he's feeling the Group Life Private Life of the brush, authorize safeguard Arum smell God Names during the Life, forbidden to steal. to be continued...