Rabu, 04 Januari 2017

A life line

Hey there, I'm back. I think it was very long since I wrote my last post to this blog and today I'm back with a new idea to post in this blog. In that long time I was still in depth about my own view of life, I didn't know what I meant to be lived in this world, I didn't notice any aim to continue my life for and I didn't understand what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. After a long journey of looking for meaning of life I understand somethings that should be the answer of all my questions about life. In this post I will try to mention all of the answers to those questions. Here they go.

What does life mean?

For me, to live or to die is the God will, we cannot choose whether we are going to live nor to die. When God wants us to live, we have to live through to his way, we cannot make our own way. He chooses which are the best for us and for that we need to do our best too. Life is full of meaning, God way is the best way to live with, it gives you a peaceful line to follow and always has the answer to all of your difficulties. When we face such kind of difficulties what we need to is ask for a help to him, but that is not enough because he won't tell you the answer directly to you, he will show you the way to fix that difficulties to your mind, so you have to find it by yourself. So, our life means is to follow the God's order, the line that's lined long time ago, he created this world, he made us and he made everything in this world, so that he is the almighty and so we have to believe in him and trust everything he wrote on the holy books all over the world.

What is my aim to continue the rest of my life?

God gave every of his creature a different strength between one and each other. Some people have a bright brain, but some other have a bright imagination. For me, I think I'm the one who have a bright imagination. I can imagine anything I want and write it down a piece of paper. I should understand it from the start but I didn't, I realize it a few days ago when my frinds ask me to help him with his fiction. I create a good story, according to his, and after all his praise on me I just realize my greatest strength, that is writing. So, for my future I thing I just want to be a writer, a good writer that make people understand what they meant to be lived in this world and make them walk through the line God ordered.

What am I going to do with the rest of my life?
My dream is to make peace to this world, to come to that dream I have to start anything from myself first. When we want to change something, we have to change ourselves first, that's the rule. I have to be a focused person, I understand my strength so I will use that strength to get my dream comes true. It's not as easy as I imagine but when I have started a thing, I won't stop until it is being finished.
That's my way of living. How about you? Tell me.